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Who is Worse? Intimidating Managers or Inept Managers?

The biggest reason people quit their jobs? 

Bad managers.

Most bad managers fall into two camps: the intimidating manager and the inept manager. 

The intimidating manager knows how to do their damn job - but is an asshole to the core. Like, if you use the wrong color in your spreadsheet, they will scold you in front of your entire team. 

But you may end up learning a lot from them. Sure, you may wish death upon them every day - but you may also gain some vital knowledge.

On the other hand, the inept managers are well…..terrible at their job. They constantly ask you what next steps your team should take and then do the exact opposite of what you said to them.

You also learn absolutely nothing from them. And, as time passes, you begin to dread the moments they call your name for yet another brainstorming session.


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