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Content Marketing

I am a content writer by profession. So, I am currently involved in a multi-month personal project that involves reading books about content creation, marketing, and branding.

Learning Kannada

I have been in Bangalore for nearly six years. Yet my Kannada proficiency leaves a lot to be desired. So I intend to learn at least the basics in just a few months. My methods involve listening to Kannada podcasts and using spaced repetition.

Exploring New Music

I have been listening to metal and rock music for a long time now. But I have kind of become bored of both. So, I have found some new albums from other genres to listen to and further expand my musical horizons.

Build New Habits

I have fucked up a lot in terms of my health in the past couple of years. I am trying to exercise more, read more, spend less, and eat better. I am going to start small and scale up as I get used to these as time goes on.

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